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A bevy of blush beauties

While I was in my pink mind frame yesterday, dreaming about my pink bedroom walls and wishing I had a pair of rose-colored glasses, I started thinking about all the other places in my apartment where I could incorporate that oh-so-lovely shade of pink, blush. I know the color is really popular right now, especially after Pantone officially gave their Rose Quartz the deal of approval, and it’s probably been talked to death, but I just can’t help myself! In digging around I noticed that furniture manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand are really on the forefront of this trend. So I apologize ahead of time that many of these items would require heavy shipping costs to the US, but the good news is that the rate of exchange from AUD to USD is really good so, small victories. These pieces are really the Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburns in the world of furniture. They’re sexy and seductive, and yet they have a buttoned-up quality that lets them fit in in the classiest of surroundings. So without further ado, my 10 picks for Best Performance by a Piece of Furniture in Blush.

  1. West Elm Monroe Mid-Century Chaise Lounger


2. Anthropologie Linen Edlyn Left Sectional


3. Curious Grace Original 2.5 Seater Sofa


4. Roar & Rabbit for West Elm Swivel Chair


5. West Elm Metal Frame Upholstered Chair


6. Matt Blatt Replica Phillipe Stark Louis Ghost Armchair


7. Urban Outfitters Folding Metal Chair


8. Douglas and Bec for Kate Sylvester Cross Brass Coffee Table


9. Barnaby Lane Kerr Stool


10. Made Ewer Table Lamp


I really love the tone of blush that West Elm is using for its furniture right now. It’s that perfect dusty blush and when paired with their lush velvet fabric, it’s just heaven. And how about that lamp? Is that the sassiest piece of lighting you’ve ever seen? Bummer of all bummers though, I cannot find a retailer for it in the US, and believe me, I’ve tried. What do you guys think about this trend? Here to stay? I sure hope so! Let me know what your favorite blush pieces are and if I’m missing something spectacular!

Having a crush on blush – Cassie

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