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A current obsession

Do you ever get so obsessed with something that you legitimately don’t want anyone else to know about it? You just want to keep it your own little secret and horde it and pet it and stare at it all night? This totally creepy sentiment is exactly why I must share this obsession and hear that some of you are feeling the same way. It’s enamel pins! I know, I’m super late to the flair game, and that was a lot of buildup for such a small thing, but hear me out.

I can remember loving enamel pins when I was little and then they went totally out of style. Now they’ve emerged from the shadows and are back in a big way. Hell yes! These little pieces of flair make me so happy! They’re colorful and quirky, and when paired with a shirt buttoned all the way to the neck, they’re my favorite thing. Ever. Lots of people are diving into this trend and the result is a melting pot of incredible options to choose from. Some are quirky, some a little dirty, some total throwbacks to 80’s-90’s splendor, and some are just downright funny. I love the mix of gold and bright, poppy colors against my usually neutral clothing backdrop. They make any outfit feel a little more special and, bottom line, they make me smile! So, against my better judgment, here are some of my favorites.

First Row: Pete Cromer Zebra Finch PinCou Cou Suzette Lips PinBuried Diamond Purple Circus Leopard Brooch

Second Row: Robin Eisenberg Babeshark PinStay Home Club Disgruntled Lapel PinBig Bud Press XL Grapefruit Brooch

Third Row: Valley Cruise Press Bomb Pop Lapel PinCou Cou Suzette Lucky Blue Eye Lapel PinTuesday Bassen Heart Lolli Pin

Fourth Row: Pete Cromer Cockatoo PinValley Cruise Press Middle Finger PinLaser Kitten Bad Bitch Blanche Pin

Are you feeling this trend as much as I am? If I’m missing any really great ones, for gods sake, please tell me!

Obsessing over enamel – Cassie

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