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Font-ed House: Choosing a typography print

So, in framing up the artwork for my bedroom gallery wall the other day, I decided I am sorely in need of a typography print. I looked at my collection and it all felt a little too…pretty. I need something with hard lines, bold shape, classic Helvetica for gods sake! I love how typography adds a modern, almost masculine feel to a collection of art. Especially when paired with illustration and soft colors, like in the prints I will be using, it’s nice to inject a dose of graphic punch to the mix. I don’t know the Webster definition of typography, but for me a print or poster is placed in this category if the intention of the artist is to highlight the beauty of the font itself. In my opinion, they don’t have to be limited to fonts you might find in Microsoft Word, but can include hand-lettering, brush lettering, calligraphy or any other type of artistic writing style. 

There are some classic pieces that I really love, but before committing to anything I had already seen, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on something spectacular. So I sleuthed and sleuthed and came up with a good list of my favorites. These encompass a wide range of style options, and also a few on non-traditional materials, like cloth and enamel. 

Clockwise from top left: Playhouse “HQ”Schoolhouse Electric “Ask More Questions” Schoolhouse Electric “Work Hard & Be Nice to People”, One Must Dash “Room Service”One Must Dash “Small Talk”The Motivated Type “PJ’s All Day”The Motivated Type “Life Is Like A Movie”One Must Dash “Bearded Lady”Andy Warhol “I Like Boring Things”

  Clockwise from top left: Playtype “Banana”Etsy Downloadable Art Print “Letter C”The Motivated Type “Braver Than You Believe”Playtype “SHY Y”Bianca Cash “I Love Today”Design By Was “Life Is An Adventure”Playtype “Welcome To The City Of Champions”Bianca Cash “You’re Actually Wonderful”Best Made Company Enamel Sign “What Good Shall I Do”Design By Was “Surround Yourself”

What do you guys think? The Playtype posters are staples of Scandinavian decor, and I love them for their graphic nature, but I’m also drawn to the textural component of the enamel sign and the bright pops of color in a few of the others. Am I the only one dying over that “Banana” poster? I’m not sure that much yellow would work in the bedroom, but it’d be awfully cute in the kitchen! Much to ponder.

Tell me, am I missing some classics? If you guys know of any typography prints that should definitely be included in this list, comment and let me know. Also, tell me which one you think would work best in a brass frame on the wallpaper accent wall!

Contemplating fonts – Cassie

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