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Less than a year ago I adopted my first dog. I had dogs growing up, and could write a tome about my love for them, but had never had all the responsibility that comes with having a dog of your own. My fiancé and I have been together almost a decade (!) and had been talking about getting a dog for almost as long. But there was always some obstacle. Do we have enough money? Is our home big enough? Do we have the flexibility to devote enough time to a dog? And, the topic of most of these discussions, what kind of dog do we want? My fiancé was hellbent on an extra-large dog. He was really pushing for a Great Dane. And, don’t get me wrong, I would have loved that! But I was determined that we should adopt our dog, and really just wanted to give a dog a home who really needed one. Luckily for me, he was on board with that too.

So, I signed us up to be foster parents with our local dog rescue center and, by the most inevitable stroke of luck, the first dog that walked into our home was an angel and the perfect dog for us. It took me about one second to fall head over heels in love with her. From her bright blue eyes to her inky black spots, I was hooked. Immediately I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do with her and for her. Together with my dad, I built her a cozy nook of her own to occupy while I’m in the kitchen (I’ll be posting that DIY soon), and became a bit obsessive about finding the cutest dog collar, leash, jacket, toys; the list goes on and on. Had I gotten a dog years ago, my options in this area would have been rather limited. In the not so distant past, dog products were…well, not the kinds of things I would want to look at everyday. To put it gently. I wanted my dog’s things to fit into our home, not to be an eyesore that constantly had to hidden in a cabinet or closet. Luckily for me, modern dog accessories are absolutely abundant these days. If you guys are dog owners, or thinking about adopting a dog yourselves, you may be going through this same dilemma. Well don’t fret. I’ve compiled my favorite finds that cover walking, feeding, playing, wearing and sleeping. Maybe one of these items is exactly what you and your canine have been sniffing around for!

Column 1 (top to bottom): Canvas Dog BowlDog Jacket & Lead SetCamp Life Stripe TankHalf Moon Dog BedThe Illusion Rainbow LeashLegowisko Good Morning BedSilly Succulent Cactus ToyFrenchie Pattern Dog BedTriangle Embroidered Leather Dog CollarThe Stevie Sleeveless HoodieWool Dog BlanketSpecktacular Polka Dot Dog BowlMiski Loft Dog Feeder

Column 2 (top to bottom): Larvik HouseBest In Show ToyDouble Ombré Dog LeashBrown Pin Dot ShirtBlush Rope Dog LeashC.C. Flag HoodieBrontosaurus Rope ToyStella Star SweaterFlint Reversible Check NeckerchiefMega Dog PodPup Tent Tipi & BedTriangle Hand Block Dog Bed 

Column 3 (top to bottom): The Daisy SweaterTall Raised Dog FeederWire & Dine Dog FeederRufus Two Tone SnoodGray Diamond Dog BagThe HowlyBillie Jean Reverse Denim BedNice Grill Cream & Black HarnessThe Hound Charm – FrenchieLoyal Leash & Waste Bag HolsterPilvi Cushion

As big as this list is, I could have doubled it! The thing I really admire about most of the companies represented here is that they make charitable donations, in one form or another, to animal welfare organizations. With a little digging you can find things that your dog will love, you will love, and will benefit less fortunate pups too! Etsy has a huge selection of really well made, handmade pet accessories, and is well worth the time it takes to pour over the endless pages of options. So am I crazy to put this much into toys and leashes? Do you guys share my affinity for pet paraphernalia? I’d love to know how you pamper your pup!

P.S. If you are considering adding a furry friend to your family, please consider the adoption! These animals are in such need and will give you the most fulfilling, loving relationship you can imagine. If you want to know more details about pet adoption, visit this site or this one for some food for thought. Who wouldn’t want to wind up with a face like this snuggling up to them everyday?

xo – Cassie

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