Kilim Me! 

Recently I painted by bedroom pink during a late night, pre-in-law-visit marathon event. Previously, the apartment was almost exclusively filled with black and white, with touches of walnut and brass. It reflected my tastes from a few years ago, and now that they have evolved to incorporate more color, I want my space to do the same. Now that the bedroom has beautiful, blush pink walls, my eye has been turned back on the living room. I have a grey couch, a walnut coffee table, a black armchair, a white tv unit, white shelving systems…you see where I’m going with this. The room needs some color! It’s killing me. It would be one thing if I had white floors, tons of light and some natural wood tones. I could go full-on Scandinavian and be totally fine. But thems aren’t the cards I’ve been dealt. 

Aside from replacing large, expensive pieces of furniture, which I don’t want to have to do, there is one area where I could inject some color and I think it would change the whole vibe of the room. And so, we come to the sad state of affairs that is my living room rug. Here’s the one I currently have setting the tone for what is essentially 100% of my living space:

It’s the IKEA Lappljung Ruta rug, the larger size, and, as far as IKEA rugs go, it’s pretty nice. Well, it was. When I bought it. Almost 3 years ago. Nowadays, it’s a far more grey color where it should be white, and there are various areas of…shall we say…less than cleanly appearance. I do have a dog, after all. Mystery stains and basic wear and tear aside, even if the rug were in pristine condition, I’d still be unhappy with it. (Whah whah whah.) 

My main issue with the rug is that it just no longer says what I want it to about my style. It’s too…obvious. It’s mocking me. It’s saying, “You just looooved black and white, didn’t you?” Screw you rug. You’ve worn out your welcome…and you’re worn out. So here we are. On the prowl for a new rug. Something with color and a little more oomph. I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing the most beautiful, colorful Moroccan rugs lately. Kilims. Boucherouite. Azilal. Berber. Beni Ourain. What does it all mean?! Well, as far as I can tell, a Kilim rug is a flat weave rug of Moroccan origin and pretty much all the others are high pile and their names designate which area/peoples of Morocco created them. (If you’re interested in knowing more about all the different types of these amazing rugs, there’s a great article about them here.) Regardless of their specific designations, they’re all gorgeous. This was the obvious place to start when sniffing out a piece that would bring life back into this monochrome apartment. So here’s my roundup of the best, the brightest, the most ridiculously stunning Moroccan rugs.

1. Baba Souk Azilal Rug Boho Chic

2. Loom & Field The Lena

3. Loom & Field The Ayanna

4. Loom & Field The Gemma

5. Loom & Field The Ryan

6. Mason Menara Moroccan Kilim

7. Classic Art Studio Bright Pink Diamond Turkish Kilim Rug

8. YKP Carpet Colorful Kilim Rug

9. Two Camel Carpets Desert Blossoms

10. ElRamlaHamla Azilal Rug 44

11. ElRamlaHamla Candy

12. TribezzVibezz Sunrise

13. Bazaar Living BE300

14. Baba Souk Azilal Rug Modernist

15. Baba Souk Azilal Rug Playtime

Can you believe these rugs?? I’m in awe! I love that each one is ever-so-slightly asymmetrical and they just look comfy. Do me a favor and scroll up past all these incredible images until you get to the photo of my current rug. Houston, we have a problem. Now, to be fair, IKEA is my ultimate go-to for affordable home goods that have a modern feel. Can’t beat it with a stick. But the time has come to invest in this area of my home decor and step it up a little. So here’s to upping my rug game and putting my best foot forward. Hopefully onto a plushy new Moroccan rug.

*Note: In the time between scouring the web for these inspirational images and actually posting this, a few of these rugs have sold. It’s a total bummer, but I included them anyways simply because they were too pretty not to.

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