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From Scratch: Graham Crackers

I’m taking on another Nabisco pantry staple today: Graham crackers. From childhood to fill adulthood, I have never wavered in my adoration for these sweet, crisp snacks. Somewhere between a cracker and a cookie, Graham crackers are the utilitarian gods of baking. Delicious eaten on their own, they also play the leading role in s’mores,… Continue reading From Scratch: Graham Crackers

Cooking & Baking

A New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

All cookies can be categorized into one of three categories: cakey, chewy and crispy. Depending on your tastes, you may gravitate toward particular kinds of cookies that fall within your preferred category. One of the best things about chocolate chip cookies is their ability to be transformed into any and all of these three classifications.… Continue reading A New Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series: Volume 2

In my experience, pretty much any kitchen item makes a perfectly acceptable Mother’s Day gift. Pot holders, coffee cups, aprons; all good. On a side note, when I was young, I gave my dad a coffee mug every single Father’s Day for about 10 years. The wonderful and sweet pop that he is, he still… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series: Volume 2