Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series: Volume 2

In my experience, pretty much any kitchen item makes a perfectly acceptable Mother’s Day gift. Pot holders, coffee cups, aprons; all good. On a side note, when I was young, I gave my dad a coffee mug every single Father’s Day for about 10 years. The wonderful and sweet pop that he is, he still has every one to this day, dutifully lined up on his shop bench, in all their primary color, 3D fruit, generic watercolor glory. Perhaps that shame is the reason I opted to go in for the hard research this Mother’s/Father’s Day season. So as sentimental as a tie or a coffee cup can end up being twenty years down the line, I think we can do better for those moms out there who qualify as true culinarians. As I mentioned in Volume 1 of the gift guide, I try to make sure that the gifts I buy my mom have a decorative, aesthetically satisfying quality, as opposed to something that comes with a subtext of “make me dinner”. Be she baker, cook, confectioner or foodie, one of these ideas ought to set your mom’s gastronomic heart a-fluttering.

Column 1 (top to bottom): Rifle Paper Co. Herb Garden Recipe BoxFrieling BrotformsLostine Cake TesterFutagami Galaxy Brass TrivetToribe Seisakusho Kitchen ShearsFog Linen Everyday Carry Trays

Column 2 (top to bottom): Menu Bottle Grinder SetPaper Plane Store Black Marble Enamel SpoonsQuitokeeto Modern Steamer (Large)Quitokeeto Olive Blossom Honey, the steamer again because it’s that good, Sarah Sherman Samuel Large Walnut Cake Stand

Column 3 (top to bottom): PieBoxSusietoos Felted Pan Handle CoversFood52 Iconic Cookbook SetMarble Board

I adore all of these items, but that steamer has me all heart-eyed. If you haven’t checked out Quitokeeto, you’re really missing out. The products are simple, modern, utilitarian and just gorgeous! I’m also wild over the PieBox. Such a simple idea, but such a great one! It’s beautiful, serves a specific purpose and is something that your mom probably wouldn’t buy for herself, but will wonder how she ever lived without it.

Hope this helped! Don’t miss the last installment of the Mother’s Day Gift Guide tomorrow!

Hot for a steamer – Cassie

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