Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series: Volume 3

Ok, last up in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide series: The Perfect Hostess. We all know (or have) those moms who have an uncanny ability to make others feel welcome in their homes. They’re the ones who always have their guests’ favorite drinks on hand, or set that amazing tablescape for family gatherings, or just have the natural foresight to anticipate the needs of others ahead of time. As hard as these moms work for the pleasure of others, we ought to be able to find something that makes their task easier, prettier or just more enjoyable. As with the other volumes in the series, the gifts range from very inexpensive to a few more suited to a group gift, but they are all equally thoughtful and hug-provoking.

Column 1 (top to bottom): Edgar Brass Ring Stopper DecanterTwist-A-Twill Wool BlanketConstella Tea Light HolderDress Up VaseHand Blown Glass Ice BucketAsh Cloud Vases

Column 2 (top to bottom): Deco Barware CollectionMilk Bottle Match StrikerIridescent Serving UtensilsKarui Tray with Ivory Leather InsertSpotty Floral Napkin SetCandle Extinguisher

Column 3 (top to bottom): Vintage Mid-Century Starburst High Ball GlassesAcrylic TraysFuchs-Sabi ComportHeirloom Linen Cocktail Napkin Set

With all this digging for gifts, I think I’m closer to redecorating my whole apartment than finding a gift for my deserving mother, but I hope it’s helped some of you! If you have your eye on those mid-century starburst high ball glasses, you might want to hurry because they are a vintage item, super reasonably priced…and I may just buy them for myself. I’m also having serious swoony feelings over those iridescent serving utensils. Genius. And that little ceramic vase with a collar?? Who comes up with this stuff? Anyways, I’ll just be here with googly eyes while you all are hopefully buying your mothers the best gift ever.

So indecisive…and greedy – Cassie

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