Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series: Volume 2

In my experience, pretty much any kitchen item makes a perfectly acceptable Mother’s Day gift. Pot holders, coffee cups, aprons; all good. On a side note, when I was young, I gave my dad a coffee mug every single Father’s Day for about 10 years. The wonderful and sweet pop that he is, he still… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide Series: Volume 2

Cooking & Baking

Cranberry Orange Biscotti

Biscotti are one of my favorite cookies. They’re sweet, crunchy, nutty and I feel surprisingly un-guilty when I eat them. A classic Italian treat, there are thousands, scratch that, millions of biscotti recipes out there. As a professional pastry chef I’ve tried my fair share of them. This one came from a lot of testing… Continue reading Cranberry Orange Biscotti