I’m so excited! And, hello!

Hello! I have been planning to start this blog for years and I’m so happy to be writing the official first post. This will just be a quick one to introduce myself and explain a little bit about what I hope to do here.

I am a pastry chef, maker, DIY-er and design lover living and working a day job (boo) in Washington, D.C.. Pastry is my career right now and I absolutely love it, but I hope to be able to share much more than that through this outlet. I will publish original content of a number of different genres, including DIY projects, design trends I love, and, of course, my recipes. My 750 square foot apartment will serve as the backdrop for these efforts. It is a space which is continuously evolving and changing, and is truly a reflection of what I love. I hope to inspire at least a few of you, to have a community to share my successes and laugh at my epic failures.

In addition, I also have a shop on Etsy, Anderson Dandelion, where I sell lighting fixtures and offer calligraphy services. I hope you’ll check it out if you’re in need of either and you’ll check back here every so often to see what I’ve been up to!

Lots of love–Cassie

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