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The search for a new coffee table

Mentally, I am constantly redecorating my apartment. Although my fiancé, my bank account and my amount of free time can sometimes pose obstacles, I have a new idea for my living space almost every single day. It’s not that I am unhappy with my home, it’s just that my style is always evolving and changing and being influenced by a million different sources of inspiration. When I originally moved into my apartment 2 years ago, my fiancé and I took a big trip to Ikea to fill in some big gaps in our decor. We had a couch. We had a bed. We had a statement chair. Aside from those three items, a few DIYs and every kitchen knickknack under the sun, we didn’t have much to fill the space, which rings in at just about 750 square feet. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Ikea. I mean, it’s the best. And over the past few years, their collections have transitioned into a much more stylish place. So, I was super thrilled when I found a walnut-ish, round, minimalist coffee table. And the thing has held up. But now, as my idea of the perfect place is changing, it’s making me smile less and less. The color looks more honey-toned to me than it used to, and because the “living room” in our apartment is essentially the whole shebang, I fantasize about something a little more impactful in its place.

There are definitely a few things I know I want. I want something roughly the same size as what I have now, about 3 1/2 feet wide. I want something with a top that will highlight the acrylic tray I keep on the table. And I want something that we stand up to rough-housing with the dog, the occasional spill and the ubiquitous test of time. Additionally, I’m pretty sure I want something round. There are a lot of straight lines in the space, and I like the differentiation I have with my current table. Finally, I envision a splash of brass, or marble, or an interesting detail or design. So, diatribe aside, I rounded up ten of my favorite finds and I hope you’ll help me choose!

West Elm Marble Topped Pedestal Coffee Table

Euro Style Morty Coffee Table

Dot & Bo Gustavo Wire Coffee Table

InMod Blossom Coffee Table

InMod Madison 1.0 Accent Coffee Table

Hightower Flower Table

Dot & Bo Wellesley Metal & Marble Coffee Table 

Kathy Kuo Home Elena Hollywood Regency Ivory Lacquer Coffee Table

BluDot Plateau Coffee Table

Gus Wireframe Coffee Table

As you can see, most of these options are round, but there are a couple of traditional rectangles and also a couple of non-traditional shapes. I love the Flower Table, but I do worry what a rectangular acrylic tray would look like on that particular shape. For the right table, maybe I could detach myself from the idea of a tray, but it is such a convenient way to corral all the items I like to have on that surface. Plus, it allows me to take everything off the table at once to clean or avoid a dog-related accident. I’m also having a whole set of special emotions over the Gus Wireframe Coffee Table. I adore the idea of a double-decker table that could serve its traditional purpose and a decorative storage purpose as well. And although I hadn’t thought of black as my first choice, I do like the weighty effect this particular table gives off. And let’s not leave out all that stunning marble. It’s a classic choice for a tabletop, but these iterations are modern, minimal and elegant. The sturdy-factor is very appealing to me, and I think these options would all blend nicely with the other furniture pieces that make up my collective decor. 

Opinions? What do you guys have in your living rooms? Is your coffee table a statement piece or more of a functional item? I want all the thoughts! (Cause once this decision is made I need to have a serious powwow about rugs…)

Help! – Cassie

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